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In 2012 an Australian photographer and his Thai wife turned their hilly village homestead into Samui’s marquee destination for organic agriculture, in so doing spearheading a now-burgeoning farm- to-table movement. Despite challenging conditions, their innovations are being emulated by farmers, business owners and resort hotels all over the holiday island…

We look forward to sharing Island Organics with you…

Discover the secrets of authentic Thai cuisine with Lat and her team. Pick fresh organic produce from her vast network of complex gardens then explore traditional cooking techniques followed by a lavish Thai feast. We will introduce you to the world of aquaponics, aeroponics, worm castings and compost tea brews that are all key to a sustainable micro farm (small holding) and it’s development. We truly are so much more than a Thai cooking class !

About Lat (Rattanaphorn Dokduang)

Originally from Sisiket, Issan in the far north east of Thailand Lat has spent the past twenty years perfecting her Thai cooking craft…

Thai Cooking Classes and Why: For the past ten years family and friends have dined at our home and master chef Lat has always inspired them with her passion for Thai cooking. Occasionally we would dine out and friends would comment, Lat’s food just has more taste! After hearing this repeatedly Lat decided to share her Thai culinary skills (secrets) with everyone.

From a humble background: From an early age Lat and her parents lived amidst the forest and thick Thai jungle that crosses the Cambodian border. Her family simply had no money and no easy way to make a living so they learned how to make do with what nature was offering them. What they ate came directly from their own crops as well as food they foraged from the dense Thai jungle. It’s fair to say Lat’s been cooking (and hunting) ever since the day she could build a fire – about seven years of age. She has many stories to tell…

Island Organics ‘small holding’ opened in 2012 / cooking classes began January 2015

Why Organic: It’s simply the way we are meant to grow and eat food. Like our grandparents used too…Sustainable and chemical free and we will teach you this in every class !

The Garden: From day one Island Organics has retained it’s completely organic origins. We first raised African night-crawler worms which enabled us to brew microbe rich worm tea as well as add worm castings (worm poo) to our raised garden beds on a regular basis.

Island Organics also farm Tilapia fish which give us their nutrient rich waste (fish poo) that is channelled to our plant’s roots – this is aquaponics. Think of chicken poop in your garden… We’re doing the same but only with worms and fish waste – it’s all 100% natural and how things used to be done and dates back some 5,000 years…

Free 9:30am Pick-up between Chaweng Noi to Bophut and between

Taxi option: We can arrange a taxi to collect you from your hotel. The general fee for this service is 200thb if your resort is located between Chaweng Noi to Bophut area. Call us to check your location and we can take care of the rest for you… +66 (0)89 731 6814

Language: All classes are conducted in English by Khun Lat (founder of Island Organics). Lat is fully conversant with Authentic Thai cuisine and the Thai culture. Your half-day with Lat will be an experience you will remember for years to come…

Come relax and enjoy yourself in our beautiful kitchen surrounded by our lush 100% organic micro farm.